Saturday, 7 February 2009


The Influencers is a three-day think tank dedicated to unusual media-based projects and creative experiments that cut across disciplines and fields, in an attempt to discover strange, innovative ways to transmit messages in a media environment that is increasingly defined by distraction and background noise. The guests will be independent artists and collectives with projects based on methods reminiscent of guerrilla war tactics: speed, cunning, economy of means and high visibility during brief key moments. This is guerrilla communication.
The festival is based on a series of project presentations and open discussions with guests, flash-actions in the city, a practical workshop and informal chats in the lounge area.
Participants: Swoon, New York street art; Blu, drawings on urban surfaces and animated graffiti; Improve Everywhere, lightning strikes in urban spaces; Ztohoven, the subversive media-space group; Wu Ming Foundation, group literary creation; Julius von Bismarck, with his Fulgurator project; Wolfgang Stähle, a pioneer on the Internet art scene and Survival Research Laboratories, creative technicians.

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